Monday, March 21, 2016

Local Pilgrimage

I have been lucky to have had some amazing spiritual pilgrimages during my short time in this world. In 2005 I went to Assisi and Rome and followed the life of St. Francis of Assisi. We got to see some amazing sites such as St. Francis's home, monastery and grave site. We got to crawl up the Santa Scave, visit tons of basilicas and the Vatican. We even go tot see St. Peter's bones under the Vatican.  I have also had the opportunity to travel to St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal Canada.

But now those opportunists are far and few in between. We are busy adults with commitments at work and family etc. But still a pilgrimage can be very spiritually fulfilling.  A few weeks ago I made the effort to go on a local private pilgrimage to St. John, IN to the Shrine of Christ's Passion. This place is perfect for a few hour pilgrimage.  If you have never been it basically is life size statues of the passion and resurrection of Jesus. There also is a memorial for children lost to abortion and the statue of Our Lady of the New Millennium.  Everyone is welcome at this place.  Kids will love it.  There are buttons to press and then a small description of that station is said out loud through the speaker.  Also it is wheel chair accessible.  But even if you are not in a wheel chair but have trouble walking there are free golf carts that you can ride in.  You can check out their website here: I am just going to share some of my favorite pictures and hope that you will make the effort:
The Last Supper, guests are invited to sit with Jesus.

Jesus is condemned to death. 

Jesus carries the cross.

Jesus meets the women.

Jesus on the cross

Jesus is taken from the cross. 

The empty tomb.

Abortion memorial

Our Lady of the New Millennium 
 I would highly encourage that families make an effort to be on Pilgrimage this week.  Holy Thursday is a great night after Mass to do this.  Go with members from your church to different churches and pray with Jesus.  Go to Stations on Good Friday at a new parish or your diocese's cathedral.  Pilgrimages don't have to be over night.  They just are a chance to journey away from the norm and try something new.  God Bless you this Holy Week!

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