Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Miracle Morning

Oh boy have I been away!  I do apologize.  You can also find me with my husband at our adoption blog

One of the biggest changes I had this school year was teaching a 1st period for the first time in my career.  So in order to become a "morning person" I started to do some research.  I found the book The Miracle Morning.  This book begins with the author's life story about how he was in a car accident and actually was dead for six minutes.  He then went through a long recovery and along the way he created the Miracle Morning.  He calls them the LIFE SAVERS.

Silence- time for meditation and/or prayer
Visualization- visualize your goals
Scribble- be creative

So how did I adapt this to my life? Well just like Hal suggests it start's with my night before.  Getting everything ready for the next day.  Actually on Sunday I start with picking up my clothing for the whole week and hanging on the back of my bathroom door.  I also  fill in my planner for the week and confirm my weekly plans.  I do this with my Erin Condren Planner. I pack my lunch the night before and make sure my bags are packed.  I take a shower and set my alarm for the next day.  I then self talk as Hal suggests to do about how I will wake up refreshed. There is more to my evening routine but that is another post for another time.

So its morning and the alarm is going off at 5AM!!  I start by waking up and going into the bathroom, washing up and brushing my teeth.  I then change into something to wear to do yoga.  I then settle myself in front of our family prayer alter and spend my S in silence with prayer. Usually I use the Magnificat. I then write in my planner my prayer intentions for that day and visualize my day. I now have my S and V done!

From there I head downstairs and pour myself water.  I then do a 20 minute stretch yoga making my E complete.  I then move on to the other S and A.  I use The Five Minute Journal and within it I complete my time for gratitude and affirmations.  Sometimes I color in an adult coloring book too. Lastly I complete my R with reading until it is 6AM and my hubby is done getting ready and I can get ready.  Then he usually prepares breakfast for us and then we eat together before leaving for our days.

I am way more energetic thanks to the Miracle Morning.  I encourage you to pick up and try it!

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  1. I am so delighted to find a Catholic perspective on this book! Thank you for your thoughtful review, and for offering a practical look at the new habits incorporated into a faithful, faith-filled daily practice.