Monday, March 18, 2013

Our New Holy Father

Unless you live under a rock you have heard about our new Holy Father Pope Francis. As someone with a devotion to St. Francis I couldn't be happier with his name choice. A quick summary of St. Francis is that he came from a wealth family but after a pilgrimage to Rome he gave up all his belongings  to live he life of the poor. He began preaching, although he was never a priest, and gained a following.  He created the Franciscan order and the Poor Claires. He could talk to animals and also had the stigmata.
So why did the new Pope choose Francis?  I think it is really based on his own priesthood. Our new Pope has been known to ride public transportation and even insisted on paying own bill at the hotel he stayed at before the conclave.
This morning while waiting at home for a doctors appointment I was watching the Today show. I was quite disappointed on what I heard about our new Holy Father.  They began with discussing their concern with the Pope who likes to be with the people and that his safety would be a concern. What upset me was that because he is so aware of the changing modern world hat hopefully he would change the church's stance on birth control. I hate to tell you Today show audience but I don't think so. Changing this will cause a great break down on the prolife movement. The church is very clear sex is for marriage and represents that two people love each other so much that new life comes from it.  Birth control turns sex into a good time for anyone.
Well I started this post as an introduction to our new Pope and it turned into a prolife rant. In the end I encourage you all to look into prolife resources including Theology of the Body. And everyone should tune in or at least DVR the induction of our new Holy Father Pope Francis tomorrow March 19 which is also the feast day of St. Francis. I for one set up the DVR because it will be live on EWTN at 4am.

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