Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wearing the Chapel Veil and Black Friday

This past Sunday was a big day in the English speaking Catholic church!  We changed our Mass with wording to better reflect the Latin Mass.  It was a beautiful Mass.  I made a few mistakes as I am sure everyone else did but I can see the beauty in it.  We repeat the same words over and over and sometimes we stop noticing the beauty in them.  As I read and said the changes in the Mass I said them more prayerfully and really thought about them. 

I also made a very prayerful decision about wearing a veil and decided that the start of a new year in the church was a perfect day to start wearing my veil.  I bought a white one and a black one.  I do have some questions for anyone who has worn a veil.  Do you wear the one that matches your outfit or would the black one only be worn when in mourning?  I have used this website http://www.modestyveils.com/tradition.html to help me learn why this was God's calling for women.  My favorite reason is that Mary our Mother wore a veil and I want to be more like her becuase I look up to her.  She makes me want to be a better wife and woman. 

Lastly Sunday started our season of Advent. We blessed our Advent wreath, decorated our tree and home.  We are all ready for the Christmas season! 

We also got a lot of shopping done!  I shopped from 10PM on Thursday till 7AM Friday.  I know  I know consumerism!  But really I got a lot of Christmas shopping done quickly at good prices and now I can sit back and enjoy the Advent season.  I rather spend the season praying and growing closer to our Lord. 

This past weekend was great!  God Bless you and your family during this Advent season!

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