Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Every year I make resolutions and by the end of January I have forgotten of what those were!  This year thanks to the blog hopefully I can check back and keep those resolutions. So here it goes:

1. Work on my health, not lose weight!  Now of course I can afford to shed some pounds however I don't want to just lose weight and say yay the suffering is over!  This year I plan on focusing more on health.  I am sucking it up and having my blood tests done.  Pray for me Jan. 16!  I am going to make sure half my plate is veggies at dinner and that I have a dinner salad every night.  I am going to work on drinking more water.  Lastly because I do need to lose some weight I am going to start attending Weight Watchers meetings not just doing it online.  I think the support of others will help greatly.  I hope and pray that if I get my body on a healthy path I can get pregnant because right now nothing is happening!!!

2.  Pray more!  I want to build a better relationship with our Lord.  I used to fast from meat on Fridays and I have fallen off of that.  I plan on returning to that.  I also want to work on communicating more with God. 

3. Complete my National Board Certification.  For all you non teachers this is a program that teachers can do to get certified through out the country.  It is a very hard program and if you pass puts you on the list of being one of the best!

What are your New Year's Resolution?  How has God impacted them?  How do you plan on including God in them?
Pray for me!  I pray for you!   May God bless you and your New Year's Resolutions this year!  Happy New Year!

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