Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Air BnB baby!

I don't know if I will ever want to stay in a hotel ever again after the amazing experience we had using an Air Bnb.  Before I show off my awesome house fine let me back up and share the whole week of greatness.

This summer I had a great desire to have a fun summer especially if it is our last alone before a baby comes in our adoption.  So I used Facebook events to learn about a ton of fun things to do.  We decided with the desire to save on some funds to do half stay-cation and half vacation.  We started with seeing Star Wars The Force Awakens at a local park. We packed snacks and wine (and no wine opener).
Matt got the bottle open with a little Google search and his keys!

Movie time!
The next day we spent the day relaxing and packing for our upcoming week.  We then had a Night at the Museum!  We checked our the Museum of Science and Industry's Brick by Brick.  It was an adult only event where we got in for the same cost of the museum however we got dinner, drinks and to go into the extra exhibit of Brick by Brick.  We also got to hear a live podcast interview of the master builder.  

Of course my favorite!
Sundays for us have always been a traditional day of relaxing, preparing for the week, attending Mass and making a very yummy Italian dinner.  Since we were going to be going out of town we instead celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Caramel by attending a local Italian fest, I do wear her scapular so it was a great day to celebrate my devotion to her.  

Monday finally arrived and we were off!  Of course right after Matt discovered a flat tire on his car and didn't want to leave it till we returned. We took the short hour and ten minute drive to our beautiful cabin which was located in this beautiful little forest neighborhood right off of Lake Michigan.  

The living room and dining room.  To the right is the kitchen were I made us breakfast and packed us lunches.

Matt's favorite spot the screened in porch.

The private beach!
We enjoyed our 4 days in our little cottage. We went to the beach, went on a wine tasting tour (which was half the price cause we did a week day instead of the weekend) and ate out for dinner.  We went for walks, saw deer and read books in the quiet of nature.  We grocery shopped upon arrival and so we had breakfast at home and I packed us lunches for the beach.  This all saved us so much money because we could have been having all our meals out and would have both over eaten and over spent.  Check out my Facebook page for all our pictures of our adventures. I highly encourage this way of vacation to not only save money but just to enjoy the relaxation of it all.  Bon Voyage!

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