Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review of Rediscover Catholicism Part 1

This past Christmas season our priest/parish gave out 2000 copies of Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscover Catholicism.  I read the book in about a week. It was a very easy read and I definitely found that it made me think about my faith and the way I view my church.  The book is broken down into four parts.  I would like to share a part a week for the next four weeks.  Hopefully I will inspire you to consider reading it for yourself. 

The first part is what I would like to share today.  It is called “We Become What We Celebrate.”  What are we celebrating with our life? That is something Kelly really makes you think on.  Many people are leaving the church because they do not fully understand what they are celebrating.  They want to be entertained.  I hate to break it to everyone but the Mass or adoration or the rosary are not meant to be forms of entertainment.  They are meant to be ways of offering praise, thanksgiving and prayer to our Lord and Savior.  If we go into any of them thinking we are going to be bored then guess what?  You will be bored!! But if we go into for example the Mass, prepared for Mass, and follow along with the Mass and truly believe that we are in the presence of the true body and blood of Christ we will witness a miracle.  Being Catholic is not just a Sunday Mass experience, so don’t think you are done there on your way out of the parking lot.  Oh no, you must live your faith, daily.  That is why at the end of Mass the deacon or priest says something along the lines “Go, glorify the Lord by your life,” and we in return say “Thanks be to God.” We are now called to go out and witness that gospel message that we learned.  If we received communion that day we are now carrying Christ.  We must bring Him to others by being “Christ like.”  Spend time this week thinking how you are carrying out the gospel.  Consider an examination of conscience at night before going to bed, what did you do that day and how can you do better tomorrow?

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