Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How is Lent going?

So I just wanted to check in and share how Lent is going for me this year.  I have had a few slip ups but also a few successes in growning closer to our Lord.  Although I did give up some worldly things for this Lent my real sacrifice came with growing closer to God by having more daily prayer time.  Although I may have slipped up and ate something I meant to give up here and there I am very proud of my commitment that I have made to prayer time.  I have worked really hard and have succeed in adding a weekly rosary to my life.  I also have been doing Litergy of the Hours at least morning and night.  I have also been reading a book that I would like to review now and highly recommend called Choosing Beauty a 30 Spiritual Makeover for Women By Gina Loehr.  This book took virtues that we all should strive for and broke them down into three days for each virtue. Each day has a small reading, a prayer and some questions for journaling.  I highly recommend getting a journal to write a reflection on each day.  Then after three days there is a story about a woman saint and how she reflects this virtue and about Mary and how she reflects the virtue.  Lastly it gives an activity suggestion such as praying a rosary or attending daily mass to help grow in the virtue.  I found this book to be a very easy read.  I really liked that I didn't feel overwhelmed when trying to make these positive changes in my life.  I felt encouraged all that some of my actions were already virtuous and I just never put them under that category.  I highly suggest maybe making this an Easter gift to yourself and spending the Easter seaon using it for prayer and reflection. God Bless!

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