Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Welcome to the Mitrovich Family Blog.  I guess that means really I (Alana) will be doing more of the posting!  Anyways I created this inspired by my friends the Kreps.  I want to spread how God is working in our marriage and how we are working to build each other up to heaven in our marriage.  Some back round info includes that we have been married 2 months and feel God has already truly blessed us.  We have a beautiful wedding and though we were missing some very special people we were still lucky to have some many love ones with us on that day.  Since then we have both been busy working and Matt is looking for a job as a lawyer.  Please pray for him!  We are now just working to adjusting to life together and learning to live our vocation of married life. 

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  1. Yeah for another blog to follow! We were blessed to be a part of your wedding celebration and pray that you get each other to Heaven.