Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 31- The Feast of the Visitation, Graduation, Wilton Tent Sale and Movies

The Feast of the Visitation was a very very busy day for me! First off it was the day of graduation for my students at the high school I teach at.  It was so emotional.  Many of them won scholarships, awards and were wearing many cords.  Such an emotional morning!

Aren't my babies beautiful?!?!?!
So then my day continued with a drive up to Woodridge, IL to meet my sister at the Wilton Tent sale.  We had a blast.  Both us love to bake and cook just like our dad and they had lots of other craft stuff as well such as my favorites knitting and scrapbooking! 
Here we are ready to find some deals!!  This is before we went into the steaming tent!!

Seriously I think this is like a football field long and that aisle on the right is all baking pans of all shapes and sizes!!

Isn't my sister a cutie!?  We searched all over for those rolling pins!!
All this for $55.10!!!
From left to right: A travel mug with a tea/fruit infuser basket inside, a summer cupcake box, two cupcake liners that match the box, a pastry cutter, a pizza stone ($7.99!!), a pan rack, summer cookie cutters, cake decorating tip supplies, orange food coloring and a rolling pin.  Plus I got a coupon for 25% off at the actual store that is up the street.  What great finds!!  I seriously cannot wait to make some summer treats!
So our last stop for the day was the movie theater.  My sister and I are die-hard Disney fans.  We see all Disney movies together.  Sleeping Beauty was a favorite of hers as a child so we saw Maleficent. It was stunning!  The cinematography was beautiful.  It was such a beautiful story of forgiveness and redemption.  No spoilers here but don't plan on it being the same story you grew up with.  I would say children 8 and up can see it, any younger and they might get a bit scared.  No blood or gore in any of the fighting scenes but there is battle. 
So how does this  all relate to the Visitation?  Well lets look at what the Visitation is.  The feast of the Visitation is in reference to Luke 1:39-56.  After the Annunciation when Mary was visited by the Angel she then goes to visit her cousin Elizabeth who is also pregnant with John the Baptist, hence the name The Visitation.  Elizabeth says "Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee."  Sound familiar?  So how can we celebrate this day?  Well by doing exactly what I just did.  Pay a friend or family member a visit.  My sister and I live over an hour apart from each other.  We made an effort to visit and spend time together.  Call or write someone you have not gotten a chance to visit with in a while. Visit a shut in.  Bring Christ to someone through your presence just like Mary did for Elizabeth.  Even if this person is not Catholic or knows about the Visitation.  Your presence to them will fill them with joy. 

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