Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Ascension of the Lord

The Ascension of the Lord is the day in which the church celebrates when Jesus went to heaven to be with the Father. It takes 40 days after Easter and in 10 more days will be Pentecost. This year it is on May 29.  To learn more about this tradition and where it originates check out:  In our home we can celebrate this day by having fruit and vegetables in abundance in our meals, particularly grapes are tied to this day.  Consider making one of these great recipes of grape salad from one of my favorite sites

Snow Grapes (Although here in the Midwest I have had my fill of snow)
Grape Jelly
Easy Grape Salad
Frosted Grapes

Also vegetables are important to be a part of any meal and tradition to be part of this day as well. Have a large salad with dinner and add some protein such as steak since it is a special day.  Lastly going back to the wine a nice Merlot would go well with that steak salad. 

Also this is a Holy Day of Obligation so be sure to make it to Mass at your local parish! 

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