Monday, May 23, 2011

Finding our way home

I am happy to say we are on the next step of creating our family!  Matt found a job and now we are going to begin house hunting.  I cannot wait to make a house a home and then begin our family.  We have lots to do.  I started reading two books to help with our future plans.  Buying a House for Dummies (lets face there are people who buy houses that are dummies so I figured I better read up and not be one!) and What to Expect Prior to Expecting.  I want to do this all right!  We are still in the learning stage of NFP but I see the doctor soon to discuss to make that work with PCOS (condition that doesn't allow me to ovulate without the pill) Hopefully we will hear some good news.  I thank God everyday for the blessings we have so far of loving families and a happy marriage (5 months and counting!)  I pray God will continue to bless us! 

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